What’s in Your Popcorn Bags?

Having an idea of what benefits there are to using a popcorn bag is a lot more than just perfectly popped popcorn, if you know what the popcorn bag is supposed to do, then you are one of a few. Did you know that something as simple as popcorn bags could make such a huge difference in your popcorn popping experience?

The modern popcorn bags are more than just some paper sheet folded together so that it makes a handy container. Most bags nowadays contain a thin film of metalized film (called a susceptor), which ensures that when that bag is thrown into the microwave oven, there is even heat distribution within the bag. This allows all the kernels to heat up evenly, making sure there are no scorned kernels, and securing the even distribution of flavor-coating. The modern design was first patented in 1981 in the US, and no major break-throughs were done since then.

Don’t forget that the bags have a great way of marketing potential. In the early days, when street vendors parked in front of the movie theater hoping to sell their tasty snacks to the movie goers, a bag was a simple container that held not only the popcorn, but also the design and logo of the vendor so that other people would be tempted to find the popcorn cart and vendor it belonged to. The vertical stripes are the classic pattern, but the colors and logos have all been different. I’m sure that, even as you read this, you will have a distinct pattern and logo in mind.

But what about a little gift bag? It’s a cheap and convenient way to personalize parties. Popcorn at a kids party is a high commodity (along with the cake and the hot dogs, and whatever treats we may have in store), but it makes for an excellent bag to take home – and anyone with a computer and printer at home can make a sticker that fits the little popcorn gift bag perfectly. Let the party goers go home not only with a bag of tasty treats, but also with a bag that proclaims: I was there! If not for the guests then at least for the birthday boy or girl to enjoy on there big day. Having his or her picture on the bag could be an option as well.

They’re different sizes, different materials used, and different designs. These, however, present various options and wide potential for you if you like to make use of them. I wonder – do you remember holding that first bag of popcorn? I don’t. But I do remember the atmosphere that came with each and every one after that. The great thing is: popcorn bags can become better with a little bit of a personal touch.

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