The Truth About Popcorn Buckets!

Yep, there’s a lot more to the popcorn bucket than you may think. Of course, there’re the jokes that you find all over the net – and I won’t mention them because, honestly, they don’t pay much respect to the tradition of popping popcorn. And indeed, what a tradition it has become. Those simple paper popcorn buckets and their contents have become more than just a commodity they have become something some people just can’t live without.

Seriously: think about the memories you have that involve popcorn buckets, and – here’s what’s more – think about what memories you would be able to impart if you had your own popcorn bucket design. I’m not joking about this: there are many rumors out there that the bucket now used by KFC to put its chicken in is actually just a reinforced popcorn bucket – and there may be some truth in it if we can count the traditional design as an argument.

There’re different kinds of popcorn buckets, and they don’t just differ in size or content. Yes, we all know the little cups and we are all familiar with the family sized containers. Popcorn buckets have become a concept of themselves, depending on which company they are designed by. You can find buckets that have the same design as the popcorn makers that give them away, and it’s easy to receive buckets that come with various kinds of corn and flavoring, all of the producers trying to make it as original and satisfying as possible.

I discovered that you can make popcorn buckets work for you in an amazing array of ways – it’s all about bringing fun to the party. Check out the different websites specifically created for having those traditional designs work for you. Making your own popcorn buckets is easy if you’re willing to look around for a little information. Imagine the smile on the children’s faces if they know they’ll be eating popcorn out of a bucket with their face printed on it. A family picture? The favorite movie hero on that bucket? Companies do it – why not you?  Or you can just order the ones already available for sale, it’s totally up to you.

So, who knows, maybe the next time you have that delicious snack in front of the TV or in the movie theater, spend a second or two contemplating the container you have in your hands. It’s not just a piece of rolled-up carton, and the contents of that box have probably been thought through as much as the design of the bucket itself. It represents a tradition, both in flavor and in design – not to mention atmosphere or mood. Who knows – maybe the next bucket you hold in your hands will be one you design yourself. A little piece of memorabilia for that perfect party or family gathering you won’t be able to forget.

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