Popcorn Oil: Making the Best Choice for You

Making the right choice when it comes to popcorn oil is a very important factor in popping popcorn.  For those who share the love of popcorn, and have made the choice to enjoy this great snack from the comfort of your home or even including a popcorn machine at your very own place of business, healthy snacks weigh heavily on everyone’s mind when it comes to what we eat.  In today’s society, there is no doubt an air of concern when it comes to our health and what is best for us when choosing a healthy snack.  The good news is that people have started paying attention to the oil used and so should you when using your very own popcorn machine.

A long-time favorite has been coconut oil, it’s a really nicely flavored oil, and many have compared it to the favorite salted butter, claiming that the coconut oil is much better. Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t. Opponents say that coconut certainly isn’t healthy, and it’s hard to argue – coconut oil has been closely associated with the fast-food industry (and its obesity inducing properties) for years. Still, we don’t know for sure. Those in favor resolve to clear the issue and say that it’s just a form of bad association. Coconut oil, in their defense, remains the healthiest.

Knowing this, we have our own choice to make. All oils have there own properties, and maybe we shouldn’t look only at the properties of each kind of oil, but also at the way it has been processed. Oils that have been processed a lot tend to go bad easily after opening. Check the packaging. Furthermore, you’ll want the oil that has minimal refining if you’re thinking about taste, because the refining procedure makes it a lot safer to handle at high temperatures (it makes it more stable) but also takes away some of that taste. Make sure you also check the container in which the oil is stored. High quality oil is stored in dark glass bottles to ensure that none of the particles of the container gets into the oil (as is possible with plastic) and that heat and light stay away from the oil – hence the use of dark colored bottles, to prevent break-down.

The favorite popcorn oil in use now seems to be canola oil. Perhaps it is the best tasting oil, or perhaps we’ve been influenced by a growing demand to reduce the amount of fats that we eat. We’ll let the experts decide.

It’s a matter of balance. I personally don’t care if the oil of my popcorn is rich in fats – if I enjoy it, then I’ll have it. Of course, that can’t happen every day. If you have a family that would have it every evening, you may have to choose a healthy oil, like canola oil – or, if you believe the supporters, coconut oil.  The choice is completely up to you and what you like best when popping popcorn.

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