The Secret to Picking the Perfect Popcorn Salt

It’s a very simple secret, really – so simple that it shouldn’t be called a secret at all. Unfortunately, not many people pay particular attention to the salt they sprinkle on their popped family snack after using a popcorn machine, which can lead to a… well, salty snack. No worries, it’s normal. I only knew there was rock salt and iodized kitchen salt before I was forced to start examining popcorn salt. It’s amazing what a little knowledge of a grain of salt can do when choosing the best one for your popcorn maker.

All salts are basically the same, but they are differentiated by how they are begotten and how they are processed. Sea salt, the most basic form of salt, is often seen as the most natural. It is harvested by hand and, depending on how it is retrieved and stored, is often the healthier choice. The problem with sea salt is that it is very rough and can, because of this, often be used only in dishes that involve boiling or cooking for long periods of time. The most popular salt used in dishes now is iodized salt (table salt), which, aside from being fortified with iodine, has a finer consistency and spreads easier throughout the food.

With these properties in mind, we have to consider the perfect way to make popcorn – and how to apply salt to it. Popcorn has a coating on it – be it oil or butter – and ideally this spreads throughout the cooking process. The oil and butter not only provide flavor, but also ensure that the kernels get heated evenly so that all the corn pops around the same time. It stands to argue that we need a fine grain – that way the oil or butter will spread it evenly.

We want to have fine grains and we want to be able to spread it uniformly; that’s the key. There is popcorn salt available on the market – it’s a salt with finer grains and some of those have added benefits for health – or so they claim. Here’s how you can make your own. Take your favorite salt (maybe you prefer the healthier ones) and grind it with a food processor or coffee or spice grinder. It doesn’t work perfectly, but it helps a lot.

It really is a simple secret – and though I shouldn’t call it a secret anymore (since now everyone knows). Try it next time. Remember, those tasty snacks could be just the way you want it if you take a few minutes to look around and find what works best for you. Happy snacking!

Product Spotlight:

Popcorn & Nut Salt

Popcorn and nut salt has flake type salt crystals that will cling to all of your popcorn kernels.  It is superfine, screened three times to ensure uniformity in size, coverage, and blending.  This popcorn salt is fast dissolving which brings out the true popcorn flavor you desire. It also eliminates the harsh and biting taste some other salts give and is unsurpassed in moisture resistance and free-flowing qualities.

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