Who Said Popcorn? Great Northern Popcorn 2.5 oz Portion Packs (Pack of 24)

Who Said Popcorn? Great Northern Popcorn Portion Packs 2.5 oz (Pack of 24) $ 16.95

  • Pre-measured pouch assures the same delicious popcorn
  • User-friendly pouch to save time and money
  • No mess and no dirty measuring cups to clean

Ingredients: popcorn, salt, butter, oil

As simple and easy as open, pour and pop? No need to worry about how the popcorn will taste Great Northern guarantees it will be great. No matter who is popping the popcorn, every batch will taste great. If you purchased a new popcorn machine or are in search of that great theater taste, look no further.  This is great tasting, high-volume popcorn that pops up fluffy time and time again.

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