Paramount Entertainment Deluxe 6oz Red Popcorn Maker Reviews

When looking for the perfect popcorn maker for your home equivalent to the commercial popcorn machines available at theaters, amusement parks, sporting events, and concession stands it’s important to consider the following things during your search.  Before purchasing a popcorn machine for home always consider the space you have available for this kind of appliance.  Whether it is a countertop popcorn machine or an actual popcorn cart style the space available is very important when looking for optimal use.

The Paramount Entertainment Deluxe 6oz Hot Oil Popcorn Machine is just $139.99 and it is ideal for home use while satisfying than freshly popped popcorn craving we all sometimes get.  The built-in the electric stirring system offers minimal noise and has the highest popcorn output per batch, which means more popcorn and less un-popped kernels left behind. This popcorn machine is very easy to use and offers easy cleanup.  With the parts being effortless to remove allows for easy wipe down with simple soap and water when cleaning is needed.

The Deluxe 6oz Hot Oil Popcorn Maker includes an un-popped kernel filter, removable crumb tray, popcorn scoop, and measuring cups.  It has a six-ounce stainless steel rotational and detachable kettle and a three multifunction control switch for the kettle, stirrer, and light/deck warmer.  The warming deck provides an additional heating element built into the base of the unit in addition to the warming light available.  Its heavy-duty all-steel construction provides durability along with its enhanced high impact thick safety tempered glass walls and detachable tilting metal tray door.

This unit is the perfect fit for a family that enjoys a movie night at home.  This popcorn machine has an old fashioned popcorn maker look to it and will undoubtedly attract lots of attention sitting on top of your counter.  This popcorn popper provides great taste quality for those looking for that authentic theater popcorn taste.  With its ability to reduce un-popped kernels left over after the popping and the stirrer does an awesome job of keeping all of the popcorn uniformly heated and consistently moving.

The reviews on this popcorn machine are positive, praising its ability to pop popcorn well and how easy it is to use.  The look and durability of this machine also are reviewed as a positive attribute.  All in all this wonderful popcorn machine is well worth its price tag and will provide its owner with a fantastic popcorn experience time and time again.

Bring Back The Kettle Popcorn Maker!

The good news is that, actually, the kettle popcorn maker is back – and back in style for that matter. They use to be outdated because it was so much more convenient to use the modern technology available and microwave popcorn; but the kettle popcorn maker is making its come-back in a very nice way – and this popcorn maker is undoubtedly here to stay.

There’s really a tradition that goes with it, and history will tell us why. Before the commercial popcorn poppers or makers came into existence, corn was traditionally popped in a kettle or basket. These kettles were simple devices that blacksmiths made all the time – there really wasn’t anything special about it. It was an iron mesh with a long handle, not so different from the “nets” or meshes we see on deep-fryers nowadays. The iron was later replaced with tin or copper.

Still, why would we care about tradition if modern life brings us equal or better quality? Well, you see, that is debatable. With all the health concerns out there, many opt to use hot air popcorn poppers, or other modern devices (the microwave, for example). It is indeed a fact that the old-fashioned way of making popcorn needs more attention from the one who’s handling the kettle, because these kernels, once they pop, can fly quite high. Of course, they’re also the open fire to think about, and children are better not left nearby.

The kettle popcorn maker is unique because it pops that corn in a way other methods don’t. The open fire is not ideal if you want all the popcorn to pop in exactly the same way. However, it does have its charm. Can you imagine an old-fashioned kettle popper on the barbeque, with the low-heat bed of coals just heating those kernels up? It’s something special to consider because when you see the process, it is very charming. There’s nothing like popcorn made outdoors the old-fashioned way – the process is just as wonderful as the result.

And have you checked out the different patterns and styles they come in? Of course, the modern kettle popcorn makers do not require open fires anymore, and some of them have some unique designs that can fit into any kitchen décor. It’s nostalgic and it’s retro, but there are many who want the great kettle tradition to come back. You can have the top of the kernel – and then the “ting” of the popped corn hitting that kettle. It’s a sound I’ve missed, and it’s wonderful to hear it. I’m not the only one who thinks that we should bring the kettle popcorn maker back.

Product Spotlight:

Nostalgia Electrics KPM-508GRN Vintage Collection Kettle Popcorn Maker

This carnival-style kettle popcorn maker modeled after the antique popcorn carts of the early 1900s will produce hot, fresh, delicious popcorn just like the movie theaters make. The Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection Kettle Popcorn Maker features a large stainless steel kettle with a built-in stirring system.  This traditional popcorn popper offers a suspended 2 oz self-stirring kettle design and interior light.  It pops up to 8 cups of popcorn per batch and includes a measuring spoon for oil and measuring cup to measure the popcorn kernels.  This makes every batch you pop perfect each time.

Add popcorn and oil turn it on and enjoy this old-fashioned tabletop size cart right in the comfort of your own home.