Popcorn Boxes: Adding A Personal Touch

It’s a box that has been tested through the century and a box that has proven so much potential. It used to be a simple container to hold popcorn, but it has grown into a business card – and believe me, it’s a great feeling to be able to send the kids at your party home with original popcorn boxes as a reminder that he had fun. There’s nothing better than popping popcorn in your very own popcorn machine while using the traditional popcorn boxes as a way to serve this tasty treat.

Are there really big differences between the kinds of boxes available for us? Well, there’s the size, of course. Boxes range from 4”x2”x6.5” holding up to .75 ounces to 6.5”x2.5”x9.3” that contains about 3.3 ounces. Other than the size and design there aren’t many differences – though I’m sure many companies would disagree, each claiming theirs is the best because they use the best recycled carton and some of them might even have a little plastic lining to ensure that it’s a bit sturdier.

The great thing about those simple popcorn boxes is that they are very easy to obtain and very easy to personalize. It’s possible to buy them – and for some that may cost time and money – and adjust them to fit the mood. It’s a great idea to create a design fit for the occasion and post them on popcorn boxes – it gives not only a personal touch, but also a touch of unity when the party has begun. A nice design on a popcorn box at a private party often creates wonderful atmosphere.

You could make them completely yourself, of course, and it’s a fun project. The first thing you would need is a template – which is easy to obtain. Get a popcorn box from the nearest vendor and unfold it. With this you can make the basic design and cut out the colored carton you bought so it folds into the shape of the popcorn box you copied it after. The design is, of course, entirely up to you – and that’s what makes it so much fun. If you’re confused with this, don’t worry! There are plenty of websites that help you through the easy process, step by step, and with plenty of illustrations.

Sure, it’s a popcorn box – no big deal. But all great popcorn makers have had their own popcorn boxes, and there’s a reason for that. We all agree that popcorn is a favorite tradition of ours, and we all know that popcorn will continue to be around for a long time. Vendors decided the same should be said about their boxes, and so different boxes came into existence. Try it. See if you can personalize yours next time you have a gathering. Trust me; it will make a pleasant difference.

Product Spotlight:


These convenient .75 oz popcorn boxes are the essential addition to any popcorn eating experience. These popcorn boxes allow you to serve popcorn the way the professionals do. The boxes are closed-top which means the top will fold down to prevent any spills. The distinct box coating absorbs grease and will hold up to harsher elements versus the cheaper boxes offered on the market.  They measure 6 1/2″ tall X 4″ wide X 2″ deep and come folded so they will store easily under your popper or wherever you prefer. These boxes were specifically designed to speed up the loading process and avoid overspill.

Popcorn Oil: Making the Best Choice for You

Making the right choice when it comes to popcorn oil is a very important factor in popping popcorn.  For those who share the love of popcorn, and have made the choice to enjoy this great snack from the comfort of your home or even including a popcorn machine at your very own place of business, healthy snacks weigh heavily on everyone’s mind when it comes to what we eat.  In today’s society, there is no doubt an air of concern when it comes to our health and what is best for us when choosing a healthy snack.  The good news is that people have started paying attention to the oil used and so should you when using your very own popcorn machine.

A long-time favorite has been coconut oil, it’s a really nicely flavored oil, and many have compared it to the favorite salted butter, claiming that the coconut oil is much better. Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t. Opponents say that coconut certainly isn’t healthy, and it’s hard to argue – coconut oil has been closely associated with the fast-food industry (and its obesity inducing properties) for years. Still, we don’t know for sure. Those in favor resolve to clear the issue and say that it’s just a form of bad association. Coconut oil, in their defense, remains the healthiest.

Knowing this, we have our own choice to make. All oils have there own properties, and maybe we shouldn’t look only at the properties of each kind of oil, but also at the way it has been processed. Oils that have been processed a lot tend to go bad easily after opening. Check the packaging. Furthermore, you’ll want the oil that has minimal refining if you’re thinking about taste, because the refining procedure makes it a lot safer to handle at high temperatures (it makes it more stable) but also takes away some of that taste. Make sure you also check the container in which the oil is stored. High quality oil is stored in dark glass bottles to ensure that none of the particles of the container gets into the oil (as is possible with plastic) and that heat and light stay away from the oil – hence the use of dark colored bottles, to prevent break-down.

The favorite popcorn oil in use now seems to be canola oil. Perhaps it is the best tasting oil, or perhaps we’ve been influenced by a growing demand to reduce the amount of fats that we eat. We’ll let the experts decide.

It’s a matter of balance. I personally don’t care if the oil of my popcorn is rich in fats – if I enjoy it, then I’ll have it. Of course, that can’t happen every day. If you have a family that would have it every evening, you may have to choose a healthy oil, like canola oil – or, if you believe the supporters, coconut oil.  The choice is completely up to you and what you like best when popping popcorn.

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Paragon Canola Popcorn Popping Oil

This 1 Galon container of Paragon Canola Popcorn Oil is the healthier choice you desire when popping popcorn.

The Secret to Picking the Perfect Popcorn Salt

It’s a very simple secret, really – so simple that it shouldn’t be called a secret at all. Unfortunately, not many people pay particular attention to the salt they sprinkle on their popped family snack after using a popcorn machine, which can lead to a… well, salty snack. No worries, it’s normal. I only knew there was rock salt and iodized kitchen salt before I was forced to start examining popcorn salt. It’s amazing what a little knowledge of a grain of salt can do when choosing the best one for your popcorn maker.

All salts are basically the same, but they are differentiated by how they are begotten and how they are processed. Sea salt, the most basic form of salt, is often seen as the most natural. It is harvested by hand and, depending on how it is retrieved and stored, is often the healthier choice. The problem with sea salt is that it is very rough and can, because of this, often be used only in dishes that involve boiling or cooking for long periods of time. The most popular salt used in dishes now is iodized salt (table salt), which, aside from being fortified with iodine, has a finer consistency and spreads easier throughout the food.

With these properties in mind, we have to consider the perfect way to make popcorn – and how to apply salt to it. Popcorn has a coating on it – be it oil or butter – and ideally this spreads throughout the cooking process. The oil and butter not only provide flavor, but also ensure that the kernels get heated evenly so that all the corn pops around the same time. It stands to argue that we need a fine grain – that way the oil or butter will spread it evenly.

We want to have fine grains and we want to be able to spread it uniformly; that’s the key. There is popcorn salt available on the market – it’s a salt with finer grains and some of those have added benefits for health – or so they claim. Here’s how you can make your own. Take your favorite salt (maybe you prefer the healthier ones) and grind it with a food processor or coffee or spice grinder. It doesn’t work perfectly, but it helps a lot.

It really is a simple secret – and though I shouldn’t call it a secret anymore (since now everyone knows). Try it next time. Remember, those tasty snacks could be just the way you want it if you take a few minutes to look around and find what works best for you. Happy snacking!

Product Spotlight:

Popcorn & Nut Salt

Popcorn and nut salt has flake type salt crystals that will cling to all of your popcorn kernels.  It is superfine, screened three times to ensure uniformity in size, coverage, and blending.  This popcorn salt is fast dissolving which brings out the true popcorn flavor you desire. It also eliminates the harsh and biting taste some other salts give and is unsurpassed in moisture resistance and free-flowing qualities.

What’s in Your Popcorn Bags?

Having an idea of what benefits there are to using a popcorn bag is a lot more than just perfectly popped popcorn, if you know what the popcorn bag is supposed to do, then you are one of a few. Did you know that something as simple as popcorn bags could make such a huge difference in your popcorn popping experience?

The modern popcorn bags are more than just some paper sheet folded together so that it makes a handy container. Most bags nowadays contain a thin film of metalized film (called a susceptor), which ensures that when that bag is thrown into the microwave oven, there is even heat distribution within the bag. This allows all the kernels to heat up evenly, making sure there are no scorned kernels, and securing the even distribution of flavor-coating. The modern design was first patented in 1981 in the US, and no major break-throughs were done since then.

Don’t forget that the bags have a great way of marketing potential. In the early days, when street vendors parked in front of the movie theater hoping to sell their tasty snacks to the movie goers, a bag was a simple container that held not only the popcorn, but also the design and logo of the vendor so that other people would be tempted to find the popcorn cart and vendor it belonged to. The vertical stripes are the classic pattern, but the colors and logos have all been different. I’m sure that, even as you read this, you will have a distinct pattern and logo in mind.

But what about a little gift bag? It’s a cheap and convenient way to personalize parties. Popcorn at a kids party is a high commodity (along with the cake and the hot dogs, and whatever treats we may have in store), but it makes for an excellent bag to take home – and anyone with a computer and printer at home can make a sticker that fits the little popcorn gift bag perfectly. Let the party goers go home not only with a bag of tasty treats, but also with a bag that proclaims: I was there! If not for the guests then at least for the birthday boy or girl to enjoy on there big day. Having his or her picture on the bag could be an option as well.

They’re different sizes, different materials used, and different designs. These, however, present various options and wide potential for you if you like to make use of them. I wonder – do you remember holding that first bag of popcorn? I don’t. But I do remember the atmosphere that came with each and every one after that. The great thing is: popcorn bags can become better with a little bit of a personal touch.

Product Spotlight:

50 1 oz Movie Theater Popcorn Bags

These stylish design bags are eye-catching, friendly, and easy to recognizable.  The size of the bags are 3″ x 2″ x 8″ and hold 1 ounce of popcorn.  The pouches are easy to store and the cost is ideal

Who Said Popcorn? Great Northern Popcorn 2.5 oz Portion Packs (Pack of 24)

Who Said Popcorn? Great Northern Popcorn Portion Packs 2.5 oz (Pack of 24) $ 16.95

  • Pre-measured pouch assures the same delicious popcorn
  • User-friendly pouch to save time and money
  • No mess and no dirty measuring cups to clean

Ingredients: popcorn, salt, butter, oil

As simple and easy as open, pour and pop? No need to worry about how the popcorn will taste Great Northern guarantees it will be great. No matter who is popping the popcorn, every batch will taste great. If you purchased a new popcorn machine or are in search of that great theater taste, look no further.  This is great tasting, high-volume popcorn that pops up fluffy time and time again.

Aluminum Speed Popcorn Scoop

Benchmark’s Aluminum Speed Popcorn Scoop $16.99

  • Aluminum popcorn scoop
  • Right Handed popcorn scoop
  • Dishwasher safe

When you’re in need of a way to remove your freshly popped popcorn from the popcorn machine, rely on this popcorn scoop to handle the job. The aluminum speed scoop is designed for quick and easy filling of bags and boxes and it is dishwasher safe.

Paragon 16 oz O’Dells Supur-Kist II Butter Flavored Popcorn Topping

Paragon 16 oz O’Dells Supur-Kist II Butter Flavored Popcorn Topping $ 13.99

  • Butter aroma under heat; will not scorch or burn
  • Easy to pour at room temperature
  • No refrigeration needed after opening
  • No cholesterol
  • 16 oz. bottle

O’Dell’s popcorn butter is often considered the secret to movie theater popcorn’s crisp full flavor. Supur-Kist II is a soybean-based topping oil blended with O’Dell’s proprietary buttery flavoring. This product needs no refrigeration and develops a sweet buttery aroma under heat. Low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free, Odell’s Supur-Kist II is a great popcorn topping!