Popcorn Boxes: Adding A Personal Touch

It’s a box that has been tested through the century and a box that has proven so much potential. It used to be a simple container to hold popcorn, but it has grown into a business card – and believe me, it’s a great feeling to be able to send the kids at your party home with original popcorn boxes as a reminder that he had fun. There’s nothing better than popping popcorn in your very own popcorn machine while using the traditional popcorn boxes as a way to serve this tasty treat.

Are there really big differences between the kinds of boxes available for us? Well, there’s the size, of course. Boxes range from 4”x2”x6.5” holding up to .75 ounces to 6.5”x2.5”x9.3” that contains about 3.3 ounces. Other than the size and design there aren’t many differences – though I’m sure many companies would disagree, each claiming theirs is the best because they use the best recycled carton and some of them might even have a little plastic lining to ensure that it’s a bit sturdier.

The great thing about those simple popcorn boxes is that they are very easy to obtain and very easy to personalize. It’s possible to buy them – and for some that may cost time and money – and adjust them to fit the mood. It’s a great idea to create a design fit for the occasion and post them on popcorn boxes – it gives not only a personal touch, but also a touch of unity when the party has begun. A nice design on a popcorn box at a private party often creates wonderful atmosphere.

You could make them completely yourself, of course, and it’s a fun project. The first thing you would need is a template – which is easy to obtain. Get a popcorn box from the nearest vendor and unfold it. With this you can make the basic design and cut out the colored carton you bought so it folds into the shape of the popcorn box you copied it after. The design is, of course, entirely up to you – and that’s what makes it so much fun. If you’re confused with this, don’t worry! There are plenty of websites that help you through the easy process, step by step, and with plenty of illustrations.

Sure, it’s a popcorn box – no big deal. But all great popcorn makers have had their own popcorn boxes, and there’s a reason for that. We all agree that popcorn is a favorite tradition of ours, and we all know that popcorn will continue to be around for a long time. Vendors decided the same should be said about their boxes, and so different boxes came into existence. Try it. See if you can personalize yours next time you have a gathering. Trust me; it will make a pleasant difference.

Product Spotlight:


These convenient .75 oz popcorn boxes are the essential addition to any popcorn eating experience. These popcorn boxes allow you to serve popcorn the way the professionals do. The boxes are closed-top which means the top will fold down to prevent any spills. The distinct box coating absorbs grease and will hold up to harsher elements versus the cheaper boxes offered on the market.  They measure 6 1/2″ tall X 4″ wide X 2″ deep and come folded so they will store easily under your popper or wherever you prefer. These boxes were specifically designed to speed up the loading process and avoid overspill.

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